About Us

Wesley KU is the United Methodist Campus Ministry for the KU community through Lawrence First United Methodist Church. Believing that everyone is a sacred and beloved child of God, Wesley KU provides space to wrestle with challenging questions about faith, spirituality, and the intersection of God and daily life. Together we strive to grow in faith while learning to follow Jesus. Wesley KU is a ministry through Lawrence First United Methodist Church.

Visit us @WesleyKUmin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Visit http://www.fumclawrence.org for information about First United Methodist Church.

Believing that we are all God’s children, Wesley KU affirms that KU students of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation or identity, economic or marital status, and physical or mental condition are welcome to participate fully in the life of our campus ministry.

We would love to meet with you for coffee or lunch! Contact Susan or one of our wonderful interns to get to know even more about our mission and growth as a KU campus ministry.

Contact Susan at susan@fumclawrence.org.susan-1

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