365 Devotions for Rest

One of my favorite (and most needed) books was one my parents got for me for my 21st birthday. It goes without saying for those who know me realize I’m the girl who devotes every minute of her day to everything that I can be involved in. Often times I am so overworked that I forget to allow for “me” time or time with God. For those of you who would say your life is very similar or even those of you who just want a reminder of how to bring yourself closer to God in the midst of our everyday lives, I highly recommend reading this daily devotion. It will not only change the way you see the world and how you rank your priorities, but guides you to finding God in the simplest moments.

The biggest thing I struggle with is learning to say no, because I love to help everyone and provide the care that someone may need to make their lives easier. I’ve run into the problem, however, that the more I say yes to doing, the less I can take time to heal myself and my relationship with God. The devotion I read this morning is a perfect example, reminding us that it’s okay to say no.

No Guilt in No (from “365 Devotions for Rest”)

“All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No.'” -Matthew 5:37

Fact: when you say no to one thing, it allows you to say yes to other things that are more important to you.

If you’re a people pleaser, it’s difficult to say no. You’d rather say yes and overwhelm yourself than say no and disappoint someone else. But when your yeses begin to pile up, they take valuable time away from other aspects of your life: your work, friends, family, church life, and your rest. When you say yes, it feels good to help someone out. But sometimes you’re hurting yourself in the process.

That’s why guilt shouldn’t be attached to the word no. Saying no isn’t selfish or self-centered or greedy; it’s simply treating your own time as valuable. Jesus didn’t say yes to everyone; He left the crowds, spent time with His disciples, and rested.

If you begin to say yes out of guilt today, stop yourself and ask God if you should- politely, gently, and lovingly- say no.

Prayer of the People

When I begin to yes out of guilt, Lord, stop me and remind me of my limits.

-Lauren Muth

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