Daily Encounters: Scripture

The past few weeks of my life have been chaos and I apologize if anyone has been trying to follow my blog series, “Daily Encounters.” Next up in the series is how to incorporate reading scripture into you life from day to day. I’ve never been able to simply sit down and read a random chapter of scripture on a regular basis. So, instead of telling you to force yourself to read the Bible for a certain amount of time every day, I’m going to illustrate some of the reasons you can turn to scripture.

3 Things You Can Find in Scripture

1) Guidance

Whenever I open my bible on my own, it’s usually because I need answers. Maybe I am lost and in need of direction. Maybe I am frustrated and need help understanding a situation. I’ve been a Christian my entire life. I’ve gone to church where we read scripture, I’ve attended youth group and bible studies, and I’ve sat at the table while my father explained God’s word to me. I’m still confused sometimes about what God wants or thinks of certain dilemmas. As a young adult, I’m still deciding my own ideas and faith. I think that certain phrases in scripture are open to interpretation and I can only find my own understanding by private study.

Here’s an example of when I’ve turned to scripture for answers. It was a couple years ago and there was a lot in the news about animal rights, particularly when it comes to poaching and trophy hunting. I knew this activity upset me, but I wanted to evaluate why. I eat meat, but I believe God put animals on this earth to for more than just our food. I looked up the word “animal” in my bible’s concordance and found all this information where God refers to animals being our equals in many ways and emphasizing that we must respect them.

2) Support

Similar to looking for an answer in God’s word, I have found support when I already knew my answer, but wanted to find agreement. I don’t necessarily mean you should use the Bible as a source for debate. There are many passages in God’s word that seem to contradict with one another. Like I said before, I am on a journey to find my own understanding of God’s word. Maybe I do agree with something I heard in church growing up, but I want to be sure I have it right. Deciding our moral code is incredibly important, especially if you want to share your faith with others. Those who are strangers to Christianity will need your help to make some sense of it and if you’re going to spread the word, you should probably fully understand it yourself.

3) Comfort

When I first came to college, I was lonely. I didn’t know anybody at KU and my roommates and I didn’t connect. I was used to being around those who knew me and loved me unconditionally, but those people were an hour away. God was there. I could pick up my bible and read the words from someone who I felt understood me. I could connect with someone even though He couldn’t actually speak to me or physically keep me company. Once you’ve built a relationship with God and have your own understanding of his words, you’re never alone.




Disclaimers: In this post, I refer to the Holy Trinity as “God” and I refer to God occasionally as “He.” I recognize that there are three parts to the Holy Trinity and fully accept that God’s gender is ambiguous. This language is to make the writing easier to understand and more to the point.

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