Mountain or Water?

In prayer yesterday morning, I was thinking about all the mountains in my life that God has moved. It was a moment of thanksgiving, to be sure. But that moment of praise gave way to a startling realization: I can also be the mountain. Yikes!

When we open our eyes to the wonders God has done — and is doing — we learn a little about the nature of God. God is relentless. God always pursues what God desires with a patience that is unsurpassed. In fact, I think God delights in showing us that what we see as impossible is possible! In our humanity, we can sometimes use improbability and impossibility as an excuse. But we cannot forget that God is a God of possibility. When we forget this, we become the mountain, the very thing that God must move!

Oh my goodness, let me not be the mountain! Please, let me not be the mountain.

Rather, let me be like a stream. God is more like a stream — a powerful river that makes its own Way — adaptable yet unchanging, full of life, always moving, renewing, always creating. Yes! Let me be like a stream, one that is sourced with the living water, the wellspring of all that is!


Psalm 42:1-2a

As a deer longs for flowing streams,
    so my soul longs for you, O God.
My soul thirsts for God,
    for the living God.

-Susan Mercer, Wesley KU Campus Minister

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