Daily Encounters: Music

This post is the second part of a five-part blog series, “5 Ways to Encounter God Daily.”

Last week I challenged myself to listen to only Christian music throughout the days and spend each day exploring a different genre. Growing up going to youth group events and church camp, a huge part of my childhood was singing Christian music in choirs. I started the week thinking I knew what I would get out of this experiment but ended up with a new found love of soothing Christian lyrics.

Day 1: Calming Christian


I don’t know about you, but for me Monday’s are rough. Listening to this music as I was getting ready in the morning provided some sort of hope. Maybe this Monday would be full of happiness. I can’t promise it changed the outcome of the beginning of the week but as it played through my earbuds, I had many moments of self-reflection. I spend about 10-15 min between each class riding the bus or walking. While I usually take that time to relax, having words of Jesus’ love and giving glory to him, I was able to maximize on these small increments of time and reflect on those lyrics.

Day 2: Rock/Alternative


Oookkkaayyy so this genre is incredibly inclusive of the label “Christian.” I searched the internet and through many different Spotify playlists and was left with a question “what makes Christian music Christian?” I always thought it to mean the subject of the lyrics surrounds the holy trinity or worship or something biblical. However, it seems most music that is labeled “Christian” is done so because the artist wrote one of two Christian songs at some point and all their work is forever now labeled “Christian music.” This lead to much frustration on my part but overall the day did introduce me to a couple genuinely positive songs.

Day 3: Worship


What a great day this was! I added some classics to the playlist that brought me back to my “Jesus choir” days and found some great new artists. While in most music I can’t stand that prerecorded clapping and screaming and singing along, when it’s worship music, I don’t mind too much. It feels motivating. Like hundreds of people are singing to me, hoping my day goes well. Wow. After reading ^^ that sentence, I have to apologize for how cheesy that comes across. PLEASE GO LISTEN TO CHAIN BREAKER BY ZACH WILLIAMS. If you get nothing else out of this post, get that

Anyways, PLEASE GO LISTEN TO CHAIN BREAKER BY ZACH WILLIAMS. If you get nothing else out of this post, get that that song is incredible.

Day 4: Pop&Rap


The Spotify playlist title, “Christian Dance Party” may sound like the music they play at a high school dance so the teenagers don’t get too crazy but it’s an awesome exploration of various pop and dubstep songs that have Christian lyrics. Some are of course better than others but I loved hearing the fast beat I crave with the wholesome, inspiring lyrics I love.

Overall this week taught me the power of which music you have in your ears all day. Angry lyrics make me angry. Calming lyrics make me calm. Christian lyrics give me small moments with God every day. Moments that make me pause and think about small things I could do to make my day something God would brag about.

Below I’ve linked playlists of the best music I found each day along with a favorites¬†playlist of the week playlist that I listened to on the last day. Enjoy this and reach out if you find an incredible artist or song you need to share.


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