Christian Personality

The other day, I was surfing around the internet, taking the Myers-Briggs test to pass time and learn fun things about myself in the process. I was thinking how interesting it would be to learn who each of us relate to in the bible based on our personalities and preferences. I stumbled upon this Bible Character Quiz and would highly recommend taking the time to take it (only about 2 minutes).

If you’ve happen to take the Myers-Briggs test in the past, this is also a Reformed Worship website that will help you learn about what kind of worshiper you are. I found this very helpful in learning about how I act not only in daily life, but how my Chrisitan roots are influenced by who I am at my core.

Below, I’ve attached a Myers-Briggs Biblical personality chart that I think will give each of us new insight to each influential biblical character and their relation to us today.


-Lauren Muth

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