Daily Encounters: Be Kind

Following Jesus’ path and keeping your faith isn’t supposed to be easy. I recognize that; however, I also believe that everyone should find a way to practice their faith in whatever way keeps them passionate. After ringing in the new year, I had a realization that I needed to build my own spiritual disciplines. I needed to rediscover my passion and continue growing my personal faith. Each week or so, I will work on adding a certain ritual to my daily life. Each only taking a brief window of time. Each allowing me to encounter God on a daily basis.

Daily Encounter post #2: Reach Out and Be Kind to others.


I never imagined syllabus week would be good timing for this theme, but this week surprised me. Filled with nerves over new classes and new classmates, I decided to embrace this new spiritual discipline by introducing myself to everyone I sat down next to, ended up in the elevator with, or simply muttered a sarcastic comment to. Did I make a million more friends? Nope, but I felt this sense of community I never had. My sense of first week nervousness? Gone.


Not only does God want us to be courteous to strangers, but to our enemies as well. As a person of faith, I truly do my best to have kind thoughts towards everyone, but we all know a couple people whose personalities simply do not mesh with ours. Approaching those people with open arms and loving them no matter what may sound overwhelming, but hear me out. Try to get to know them better. Invite them to dinner or find a show you both love and can binge watch together. There’s bound to be one thing you two can share. You may not end up besties, but if you can understand them a bit better, it’s a lot easier to think positive thoughts towards them.


If you’re not familiar with the fisherman metaphor, Jesus tells us he wants us to go out into the world, find people who need a savior, and bring them to him. While it may not seem possible, a smile and kind words go a long way. Maybe you won’t be the one person to bring them to Jesus, but you can certainly introduce them. More positive interactions with you gives them a more positive outlook on Christianity. Even if it’s just a smile.

There you have it. That’s what I learned and reflected on this week as I experimented with this spiritual discipline. Check back on February 9 when I give tips and suggestions on how to encounter God through music on a daily basis.

– Abby

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